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Unlike channelized wireless systems that assign different radio channels during a handoff called a hard handoff, spread spectrum mobiles share the same channel in every cell. In uplink of cdma systems, the maximum number of supportable. Cellular analysis for legal professionals duke law school. An efficient algorithm for adaptive cell sectoring in cdma. Does anyone know where i could purchase software to unlock cdma phones. Sectoring is done by simply introducing three similar radio equipments in three sectors and the reduction in mutual interference due to this arrangement translates into a 3fold increase in capacity in theory. Brew offers a number of key advantages over other software environments, like secure application licensing, integrated billing, and downtothemetal apis for highperformance applications. Kyoung il kim and the members of technical staff of bell labs, lucent technologies bring together the fields most valuable experience and methods in a single authoritative, uptodate resource for every working cdma professional. Understand important cdmarelated issues, including noncoherent and coherent cdma spatial processors, dynamic resectoring, and the use of spatial filtering to increase range and capacity. Whether you use a cdma or gsm network, it does not matter.

Brew software development, brew developers, brew cdma. If you want to download cdma flashing tool then follow the. It is a graphical interactive tool for analyzing the capacity of a cdma code division multiple access network and optimizing that capacity. Multiphone gsm cdma sms software free download and. Ccap stands for cdma capacity allocation and planning. Joint centralized power control and cell sectoring for. Code division multiple access cdma is a digital cellular network standard that utilizes spreadspectrum technology. Cell sectorization one way to increase to subscriber capacity of a cellular network is replace the omnidirectional antenna at each base station by three or six sector antennas of 120 or 60 degrees opening each sector can be considered as a new cell, with its own set of frequency channels. To permit this without undue interference between the users, cdma.

Start out with a detailed overview of is95 pcs and cellular cdma, including uplink and. Handbook of cdma system design, engineering, and optimization. In the handbook of cdma system design, engineering, and optimization, leading cdma researcher dr. This technology does not constrict bandwidths digital signals or frequencies but spreads it over a fullyavailable spectrum or across multiple channels via division. Live endtoend communication tests between a handset and wcdma mobile are supported by installing the mt8820b011 audio board. The interference reduction capability of cell sectoring and power control algorithms have been considered separately as means to decrease the interference in code division multiple access cdma. It does so by using the hata cost 231 propagation model.

New adaptive smart antenna arrays can enhance the performance of virtually any cdma system, including is95, imt2000 and wideband cdma. For a given network, the program first calculates the area of coverage. Reference information about gsm, dect, amps, cellular cdma, iridium, wireless lans, digital audio and video broadcasting. Codedivision multiple access cdma is a channel access method used by various radio communication technologies. Smart antennas for wireless communications is the first book that brings together all the realworld data and expertise communications engineers need to develop smart antennas for cdma. Measuring the capacity of a cdma cell site is not straightforward, and. Capacity of cdma systems can be improved by decreasing the interference reverse link is the capacity bottleneck for 2g whereas for 3g it is the forward coverage and capacity are interrelated in cellular cdma systems soft handoff increases the capacity and coverage compared to hard handoff. The uplink capacity of cdma cellular networks is improved by adaptive sectoring based on tracking of mobiles spatial distribution. Path loss for uplink and downlink has been calculated using link calculator software. Switching gsm phones between different networks is easier than with cdma phones. In this thesis, adaptive sectoring of a cdma cellular network is investigated, and the aim is to maximize the uplink capacity by utilizing the mobiles spatial information.

It has three users, where in this setup two users are transmitting data, while one user is off. In 1985, the fcc allocated three frequency bands to spread spectrum communications. An efficient algorithm for adaptive cell sectoring i n cdma systems jihui zhang 1, jiangchuan liu 1, qian zhang 2, wenwu zhu 2, bo li 1, and yaqin z hang 2 1 the hong kong university of. Cdma software free download cdma top 4 download offers free software downloads for windows, mac, ios and android computers and mobile devices. Enhanced services can be provided to cdma one subscribers through cdma2000. A discussion of the technical issues, concepts and solutions behind these system standards. What opportunities will i receive after purchasing. They have also posted a public username and password so everybody has full access to the program. Right now they are letting people download the software for free. Is95 and third generation cdma applications find resources for working and learning online during covid19 prek12 education. The mx882000c001 wcdma voice codec software option adds realtime voice encodingdecoding to the wcdma measurement software. Pdf joint centralized power control and cell sectoring. Cdma is an example of multiple access, where several transmitters can send information simultaneously over a single communication channel. Cdma workshop is the professional powerful software service, built to task with any cdma 800, 1900, ixevdo, gsm, wcdma, lte etc smartphones, tablets, fixed terminals, data cards and more.

Artificial intelligenceai database management systemdbms software modeling and designingsmd software engineering. Rapidsoft systems executive team has been involved with cdma technologies from its inception in 1993, and brews arrival in 2001. It is wellknown for load balancing in code division multiple access cdma. Performance analysis of gsm coverage considering spectral efficiency, interference and cell sectoring. User modeling enables in the computation of the traffic density in a cellular network, which can be used to optimize the placement of base stations and radio network controllers as well as to analyze the performance of resource management algorithms towards meeting the final goal. One important feature of the algorithm developed is that it does not depend on tracking individual mobile, but rather on the statistics of mobiles. Moreover, the mt8820b can measure the audio txrx without an external audio analyzer and. Cdma workshop flashing tool dfs software free download full version for windows. With sector breathing, a congested cell is sectored at an angle of 60 or 120. Code division multiple access 2000 cdma2000 is a third generation 3g standard developed by the international telecommunication union itu. All china phone platforms like mtk, spreadtrum etc. What is code division multiple access 2000 cdma2000. This protocol uses cdma access to send voice and data and signals between mobile phones and cell sites. Nix considered adaptive coverage for umts macro cells based on situation awareness 4.

The fbgs in the system are working as encondersdecoders for the incoherent optical signal. Cdma code division multiple access or cdma has its roots in wwii era spread spectrum technology. Free for now cdma flasher software this is a software program that dealers pay a monthly fee to flash cdma phones to page plus, cricket, and metropcs among other services. Capacity and throughput optimization in multicell 3g. Achim wacker, jaana laihosteffens, kari sipila, and kari heiska considered the impact of the base station sectorisation on wcdma radio network performance 3. In 2010, carriers worldwide switched to lte, a 4g network that supports simultaneous voice and data use.

Cdma, which stands for code division multiple access, is a competing cell phone service technology to gsm, on 2g and 3g networks that is gradually phasing out. Pdf performance analysis of gsm coverage considering. Smart antennas for wireless communications is the first book that brings together all the realworld data and expertise communications engineers. There is one business where i live that does it, but they arent willing to give me any info. The is95 code division multiple access cdma spread spectrum cellular system provides a unique handoff capability that cannot be provided with other wireless systems. Cdma frequency allocation the major capacity advantage of cdma is that it reuses the same allocated frequency in every sector of every cell. Capacity improvement using adaptive sectorisation in wcdma. The distribution of mobiles is modeled as a spatial poisson process, whose. Mobility enhanced smart antenna adaptive sectoring for. Time division multiple access mobile communication. Software modeling and designingsmd software engineering and project planningsepm. The interference reduction capability of cell sectoring and power control algorithms have been considered separately as means to decrease the interference in code division multiple access cdma cellular systems.

Codedivision multiple access cdma for cellular communication networks requires the implementation of some forms of adaptive power control. In this paper, we present switchedbeam sb and rotatable equal sectoring res techniques for cdma cellular systems in a 2d urban environment. Exa vector signal analyzer 9010a vsa and agilent signal studio software 28. The distribution is modeled as a spatial poisson process, with. On the other hand, sectorization increases the capacity of cdma systems. This was done by modifying the traffic capacity equation of wideband code division multiple access wcdma model. Cdma toolbox for scilab this project provides a cdma tool box for scilab with extensive set of tools that help to simulate a cdma environment in scilab. Development of an intelligent enhanced dynamic cell. Power consumption model of sector breathing based congestion. Luckily, us mobile has excellent cellular coverage using the best gsm and cdma networks in the us. Verizon and sprint, on the other hand, use cdma, which stands for code division multiple access. The first procedure was to derive expressions for number of users per sector in a cdma network. Cdma, centralized power control, equal sectoring, forward link, rotatable equal sectoring, switchedbeam.

The onestop source for engineering cdma adaptive antennas. If differs from other desktop texting software which relies on an internet sms gateway. When a sector is subdivided in multiple narrower spot beams switched beams or smart antennas are deployed, a common pilot channel cannot. Cdma can be implemented in several ways, two of which are frequency hopping and direct sequencing. Performance analysis of umts cellular network using. Fundamentals of the radio propagation channel, digital and analog transmission, multiple access schemes, cellular reuse, etc. Smart cell sectorization for third generation cdma systems. Instead, use your existing mobile phonegsm cdma, gsm cdma modem or cellular terminal and connect it to the. Udhaya sankar 3 1, 2 assistant professor, department of computer science and engineering, annapoorana engineering college, salem 3 associate professor, department of computer science and engineering, annapoorana engineering college, salem. Prentice hall communications engineering and emerging. Thus, there is improved voice and data communication. Cdma ll code division multiple access explained with solved example in hindi. It is effective and needs the able tool for quickly and fast programming or reprogramming cdma devices to any unlocking work.

In fdma and tdma systems, sectoring is done to reduce the cochannel interference. Optical codedivision multipleaccess system ocdma the system designed in project sac ocdma. This allows several users to share a band of frequencies see bandwidth. Cdma best server prediction map using prediction software. All it means is that verizon can pile on several people to use its network at once.

What matters is the coverage from the cdma and gsm networks. Even in this ideal situation, there is intersector interference. Secondly, a voice traffic measurement of signal strength in a sectroization network was taken. The trunking e ciency of these systems decreases due to sectoring and this inturn reduces the capacity. Cdma flashing tool latest version full installer official download link is given at the end of below. The proprietary smart antenna rf modeling software tool, beamcontroller, was used to.

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