Open source software defined storage vendor

Starwind virtual san is softwaredefined storage for efficient storage. Hp has been a player in softwaredefined storage and the software defined data center since inception and the only vendor capable of delivering on all elements of the software defined data center compute, networking, storage and managementoffering a complete sds strategy and vision based on simplicity, efficiency, and openness that makes storage availability a top priority. Emc open sources vipr controller, eyes broader software defined storage footprint. Softwaredefined storage sds creates a virtualized network of storage resources by separating the control and management software from the underlying hardware infrastructure. It is costefficient and, unlike traditional storage systems, can be deployed on bare metal, virtual. Top 3 softwaredefined storage vendors include vmware and ibm. Nexentastor is a scalable, unified softwaredefined file and block storage service that includes data management functionality. List of top software defined storage sds solutions 2020. Ibm system storage ds8000 is a line of storage appliances. Open source carries softwaredefined storage forward zdnet.

Software defined storage is all the rage, but it may not be right for sanesized businesses. Nutanix in san jose, california offers their softwaredefined enterprise cloud as. Get open, softwaredefined storage with red hat gluster. It integrates with vmware and supports docker and openstack. The best software defined storage sds vendors are starwind virtual san, nutanix acropolis, red hat ceph storage, datacore sansymphony sds, and storpool. Top 3 softwaredefined storage vendors include vmware and. It is designed to handle general purpose workloads like backup and archival, as well as analytics. If you do decide to seek it out, heres advice for how to choose wisely. Enterprises want a mix of proprietary and open source code and. One uses open source software management and storage from emcs scaleio division. Emc open sources vipr controller, eyes broader software. Open source carries softwaredefined storage forward. Nexenta, the leading open sourcedriven softwaredefined. When not to get softwaredefined storage and what to do.

Leading european university and research institute run on. When it works right, softwaredefined storage will make it possible to place your files or data objects where it makes the most sense. It will also enable you to use storage devices that match your resources capacity, performance, latency, reliability and costs to your workloads. Softwaredefined storage will come into its own in 2015, and open source software will carry it there. Emc vipr is software defined storage to manage and automate all storage resources for traditional and nextgeneration cloud storage platforms. Top 12 softwaredefined storage sds companies technavio. Nexenta to showcase innovative open sourcedriven software. Red hat gluster storage is a software defined storage sds platform. The evolution of software defined storage, from simple software products to those that offer scaleout, hyperconverged, nvme, public cloud and container. Emc vipr controller is storage automation software that centralizes and transforms storage into a simple, extensible, and open platform. Despite the efforts of some vendors, notably datacore, which has gone from dubbing its products a storage hypervisor to software defined storage according to the whims of the it marketing.

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